Alien Face Sculpture



Do you ever wonder what beings from other planets or dimensions might look like? This Alien looks strange and maybe scary, but when you start to get used to him, you can see his kindness and consideration in his face. Then you might start to groove upon his psychedelic face!

This Alien Sculpture is original and OOAK, which means One-Of-A-Kind.  His face has swirling and twirling lines of many colors. The alien’s eyes are a light green. The funny thing is, he looks so different at different angles. He has a third eye that is a beautiful blue!

This alien face loves light and shadow. If he is on your wall you can see this with the shifting lighting throughout the day and night. He seems to vibrate and undulate.

he is 9 inches tall and approx. 5 inches wide

This unusual sculpture hangs easily upon a wall and is wired for your convenience. He can keep you company.

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Jane’s Etsy Shop


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