Tri-Colored Alien Face Sculpture

My face is three colors. You have a problem with that? I don’t because all the aliens from Triipsion do. At least the ones from the Glat Clan. I proudly sport green, blue and purple on my face. My creator, Aunt Jane, has deftly used high mica polymer clays and has blended the colors and burnished them to a shine.

OOAK means One-Of-A-Kind

My antennas hang down from my face. They are made of glass beads and crystals. My eyes are green and luminous.

As you can tell from my face, I am quite young. Only 3,678 years old. Will you be my friend? I can hang out on your wall, as I have a wire on back for easy hanging.

I am7.5 inches tall. With my antennas I am about 10 inches tall.


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