The Mists Of Venus Art Sculpture

HPIM1151.JPGThe Mists Of Venus Art Sculpture

The Mists Of Venus is a sculpture about the planet and the Goddess Venus. This is an original sculpture created by me, Jane Priser. As you know, the planet Venus has dense clouds and mist in her atmosphere. Green house gases. Perhaps if we were to kick it up a notch, (it being our dimension or vibrational level) we would perhaps see Venus in a clearer light. Her beautiful shimmering clouds would be so beautiful. After all, she is the planet of beauty, art and balance. This sculpture shows her shimmering mists in the face of Venus. I used high mica content polymer clays and burnished them into a shine and shimmer. I also blended the colors into what I thought was a pleasing arrangement. Venus’s face has many colors. I also sculpted her face into refined and delicate features of beauty. Her eyes are clear glass that I hand painted the back of to get the effect I wanted.

Venus also is adorned with a beautiful headdress. Her face is surrounded with strands of jewels and feathers. I used pearls and gemstones along with glass beads. The feathers I chose to add also look misty! Of the gemstone beads I used are citrine, peridot, rose quartz, carnelian, moonstone, blue lace agate and labradorite to name a few. I used misty looking strands of yarn and to add to the effect. There is a crowning of feathers atop her forehead. These feathers are removable for shipping purposes. You can put them back into the funnel that is there and even glue them in if you wish them to be affixed there.

The Mists Of Venus would grace any wall. She can watch over you and bless you with her good fortune.

The Mists Of Venus Sculpture is 23 inches tall counting the feathers and bead work. The sculpted face alone is 10 inches tall.

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