Spirit Goddess Sculpture


This is The Spirit Goddess. She is completely original and hand sculpted by me, Jane Priser. The Spirit Goddess is primarily purple, gold and blue, but you can find accents of other colors, too. The high mica polymer clay that I created her with burnishes to a shimmer. I hand painted glass cabochons on the back side to create the sort of effect I wanted: Mysterious eyes! The crown of her forehead topped with feathers. Deep and mysterious, The Spirit Goddess has expression pf power in her eyes and she has refined features. There are energy swirls upon her face. She looks different from every angle and lighting circumstance. This sculpture would look magnificent upon any wall.

The Spirit Goddess is 10 inches tall and hangs easily upon your wall with a wire on the back. The feathers are removable for shipping purposes.

Here is a link to my Etsy Shop


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