Totem Original Art Sculpture


Who lives in your subconscious ??? What spirits reside with you???? Let them hang out with you!! This is the Totem Sculpture.

This collection of characters and spirits is completely original and hand made by me, Jane. I hand sculpted and arranged these faces in a vertical manner as a Totem. They have glass eyes except the ones that have gemstone eyes. I think this is a lively and interesting ensemble which would grace any wall. The faces are primarily made of polymer clay and are mounted upon wood. There are accents of bead work and feathers dangling from the top and bottom character’s “wings”. I have also used crystals, gemstones and pearls in the bead work.

There is a wire on the back for easy hanging. The Totem Sculpture is 18 inches tall. Counting the feathers it is 19.5 inches tall.

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