Red Star Queen Sculpture

This is the stunning Red Star Alien Queen Sculpture. Her kingdom is vast. And vast are the many treasures she has. Among her feathered and beaded dangles are crystals, gem stones, pearls and trade beads.

It is a good thing that her eyes are averted and not looking directly at you all the time. Believe me, it can be a bit disturbing when a face sculpture is staring at you intently for a long long time.. But then, sometimes art is disturbing- and that’s sometimes a good thing. She has bright green eyes. Which creates a tension between The Red Star Queen’s red red skin. Her face is proud and has fine features. I know because I created her that way. I used high mica content polymer clays and burnished them into a shimmer and shine. I highlighted half of her face with golden colors and the other half with a faint violet. O the mystery and intrigue.

The Red Star Alien Queen can grace a wall in your home that needs some romance and drama. She will deliver that. She can also watch over you and keep you company. The Red Star Alien Queen will surely be a conversation piece! There is a wire on the back for ease of hanging on your wall.

The Red Star Alien Queen Sculpture is 20 inches tall. 9 of those inches are the face sculpture itself not counting the feathers and dangles.
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Totem Original Art Sculpture


Who lives in your subconscious ??? What spirits reside with you???? Let them hang out with you!! This is the Totem Sculpture.

This collection of characters and spirits is completely original and hand made by me, Jane. I hand sculpted and arranged these faces in a vertical manner as a Totem. They have glass eyes except the ones that have gemstone eyes. I think this is a lively and interesting ensemble which would grace any wall. The faces are primarily made of polymer clay and are mounted upon wood. There are accents of bead work and feathers dangling from the top and bottom character’s “wings”. I have also used crystals, gemstones and pearls in the bead work.

There is a wire on the back for easy hanging. The Totem Sculpture is 18 inches tall. Counting the feathers it is 19.5 inches tall.

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This is an original Cosccmic Cat Wall Mask! This cat face mask is a sculpture created by me, Jane. There is no other just like it in the universe! This Cat has colors and hues in her twisty, stripey fur that seems almost hypnotic!! This must be an Alien Cat! Her eyes are hand painted, by me, on the back of glass lenses to create the effect I want. The eyes are blue.

This original sculpture easily hangs upon the wall and makes a unique home decor. A little jewel for your wall!

A polymer clay creation.

The Cosmic Cat is 5 and 1/4 inches tall. There is a wire on back for ease of hanging on your wall

Spirit Goddess Sculpture


This is The Spirit Goddess. She is completely original and hand sculpted by me, Jane Priser. The Spirit Goddess is primarily purple, gold and blue, but you can find accents of other colors, too. The high mica polymer clay that I created her with burnishes to a shimmer. I hand painted glass cabochons on the back side to create the sort of effect I wanted: Mysterious eyes! The crown of her forehead topped with feathers. Deep and mysterious, The Spirit Goddess has expression pf power in her eyes and she has refined features. There are energy swirls upon her face. She looks different from every angle and lighting circumstance. This sculpture would look magnificent upon any wall.

The Spirit Goddess is 10 inches tall and hangs easily upon your wall with a wire on the back. The feathers are removable for shipping purposes.

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The Purple Cosmic Cat



This Cosmic Cat has a coat of many swirling purple colors. This means lavender, lilac, violet, etc… They flow and vibrate around her eyes. The cat’s eyes are clear glass cabochons that I have created a shimmering backing to shine through the clear glass: a beautiful gold and green. This gives the cat’s eyes much depth and luminosity – and they are subtly sparkly. This must be an Alien cat!

This cat face mask sculpture is completely original and hand sculpted by me, Jane Priser.

This sculpture is a polymer clay creation. The Cosmic Cat makes a great home decor item. This is a wall hanging sculpture with a wire on the back for easy hanging. It’s like a little jewel for your wall! The Cosmic Cat can be your friend and watch over you.

The sculpture is 5 inches tall.